Return policy

Hobiverse announces the conditions and exchange/return policy as follows:

1. Warranty policy:

- The product is still under warranty as recorded on the warranty card or purchase invoice of Hobiverse website within 03 days after receiving the goods and is determined to be a manufacturer error. Error identification is done unilaterally by website

- Customers can bring or send the product to the Hobiverse warehouse at the address listed on the warranty card or invoice by mail. Shipping costs will be paid by the customer.

- Hobiverse will conduct an overall inspection of the product. If any damage is detected due to the Customer's side and not a technical error from the manufacturer (Tank, water entering the product, etc.), Hobiverse will advise the Customer. goods and refuse to accept warranty. If the Customer still wishes to receive repair support, advise the Customer according to the Fee Repair Process.

- Warranty processing time:

+ HCM area: 7 working days (including shipping time)

+ Provincial area: 17 working days (including shipping time)

2. Conditions for exchanging/returning goods:

- The product has a technical error due to the manufacturer or lacks details but the outside of the product is not scratched/broken/broken/dented.

- The product received by the customer is not the correct product ordered and the product is still in intact packaging, not torn/dented.

- Return time is within 03 days from the date the customer receives the goods (this time is based on the time the customer signs receipt on the delivery bill).

- Returned products must have the sales invoice sent by Hobiverse along with the package.

3. Exchange policy:

- Customers bring products to exchange directly at the Hobiverse warehouse.

- You can only exchange the correct product code purchased.

4. Refund policy:

4.1 COD/Card payment orders:

- Refund method: bank transfer for COD/Card payment orders.

- Transfer time is within 7 working days from the date Hobiverse receives the goods sent back by the customer.

4.2 Orders using E-Gift card payment:

- Refund method: send back a new E-Gift card equal to the amount of the returned goods.

- Time to send a new E-Gift card: within 3 working days from the date Hobiverse confirms receipt of returned goods from the customer.

- In case the customer comes directly to the Hobiverse warehouse to return the goods, a Top up card will be refunded with an amount equal to the amount of goods paid at the time of return.

4.3 How to return goods:

- Step 1: The customer takes a photo/video of the defective or damaged product... sends information and requests a return via one of the channels listed in section 5.

- Step 2: Customers return goods in one of the following ways:

+ Method 1: For customers in HCM city, bring goods directly to return at Hobiverse warehouse.

+ Method 2: For customers outside of HCM, return the goods to the Hobiverse warehouse address.

5. Contact information for handling exchange/return requests:

- Address: 2nd Floor - 333A Lanh Binh Thang, Ward 9, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City.

- Hotline: 19001208 - From Monday to Saturday (08:00 - 17:00) Sunday (08:00 - 12:00)

- Email: