Hobiverse Toy Store - Artistic Universe

Hobiverse chain of stores (belonging to Viet Tinh Anh Joint Stock Company - Business Registration Number: 0309132354 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment on July 14, 2009) is a gathering place for art toy fans, also known as Art toys. Art toys are a relatively new field in Vietnam. These are not only toys for entertainment and display but also a form of art with high spiritual value, because each product has a story. The meaning behind needs users to discover for themselves.

Hobiverse is made up of a combination of hobby and universe , a place where hobby toys gather. The store meets most of the needs of today's youth regarding Art toys. In the past, young people had to go to hand-carried addresses and wait for a long time, and were afraid of buying counterfeit goods. Today you can easily pursue your passion with the Hobiverse chain of stores.

What types of toys can you find at Hobiverse?

At Hobiverse, you will easily find products of the Pop Mart brand - a famous blind box toy line with colorful characters, created by the talented hands of famous artists. The themes Skull Panda, Molly, Dimoo and many IP (Intellectual Property) are continuously launched, attracting the attention of young people. Furthermore, Pop Mart also cooperates with major IPs such as Disney, DC, Universal to launch product lines suitable for many different audiences.

Those who love collecting characters from manga and anime certainly cannot miss the Banpresto toy line. The toy series impresses fans with high-quality PVC models, diverse themes from legendary anime series to popular movies such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen.. .

Bandai Candy toys have many interesting themes to collect such as keychains, souvenirs, especially model lines to superheroes and fighting machines in Japan from brands such as Gundam, Tokusatsu. , Animagear... Or the Shokugan Modeling Project - SMP, SO - DO Chronicle, Mobile Suit Gundam G - Frame, Mobility Joint lines suitable for fans who are passionate about assembling and collecting.

In addition, Hobiverse toy store also sells many other products such as LEGO Adult, Architecture, Technic assembly toys, character figures of Marvel's Avengers, League of Legends... for you to enjoy. freely choose.

Whether you love the magical, mysterious stories behind Art toys, immerse yourself in the sweet messages of stories about love and friendship, or simply want to collect unique items. You can find toys from your favorite movies at Hobiverse.

Hobiverse is a place for young people to find their own identity and write their own stories through art toys, and is also a place for those who have never come into contact with Art toys to have the opportunity to learn. and experience this new art form.