POP MART Transformers Generations Toy Model 6941848232632

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Product specifications

POP MART Transformers Generations Toy Model 6941848232632

POP MART Transformers Generations Toy Model 6941848232632

Regular price 280.000₫
Sale price 280.000₫ Regular price 280.000₫
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Product Description
Product Description

POP MART Transformers Generations Toy Model - Random delivery

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❶ Product information:

POP MART Transformers Generations Toy Model (Product code: 6941848232632)

• Optimus Prime: Supreme leader of the Autobot faction.
• BumbleBee: Good scout of the Autobot group.
• Starscream: Decepticon deputy
• Shockwave: Scientific and strategic commander of the Decepticon Legion, also known as Megatron's Mad Scientist.
• Megatron: Leader of the Decepticons, and archenemy of Optimus Prime.
• Soundwave: Megatron's most loyal and outstanding subordinate.

• Jazz: A 16-year-old teenager, quiet, mature, responsible and wise.
• Grimlock: Leader of the Dinobots (a branch of the Autobots)
• Rodimus Prime:
• Ironhide: One of the toughest and oldest Autobots.
• Sixshot: An individual with outstanding strength but shunned by his own species and recruited into the team by Megatron.
• Galvatron: Another name for Megatron, created by KSI scientists.

The collection design includes 12 common models and 1 rare model, the probability of receiving a rare model is 1/144, if a rare model appears, 1 common model will be lost.

- Product size: Height 7-10 cm

- Product material: PVC / ABS

- Product packaging: Standard box, color box packaging

❷ Detailed information about the product box

- Single Box: A sealed packaging box (Blind Box), the product in the box cannot be identified before opening the package

- Whole Box: When customers buy the whole box, there will be no duplicate designs and rare characters may appear. Please record a video during the unboxing process and check the tags before tearing the packaging. If there are duplicate samples, contact Hobiverse for a return. Hobiverse does not support returns if the video is missing and the packaging has been torn.

- Rare models (secret figures): These are rare characters, the boxes are often blurred or painted black

Note: if customers want to buy a whole set, please choose a quantity of 12 and make a note to buy the whole set or contact the hotline for support.

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- Note: Due to different measurement methods, measurement results will have an error of 1-3cm, which is within the normal range.